7 Tools for an Epic Short Beard

Man with a short beard sitting on a bench in the sun.

Short beards have gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming a coveted facial hair style for men. With their versatility and timeless appeal, short beards have become a fashion statement that exudes masculinity and confidence. From Hollywood celebrities to everyday men, short beards have taken the grooming world by storm. Short beards offer a perfect balance between a clean-shaven look and a full beard, adding a touch of ruggedness without sacrificing sophistication.

Whether it's a classic stubble, a well-groomed goatee, or a neatly trimmed beard, having the right tools for a short beard style will help you embrace your facial hair and love it.

Now that we have established that short beards are awesome, what exactly is a short beard? And who gets to decide what is short, medium or long?  I see it as a completely subjective exercise in determining the length of one's beard. So, I will give you my two cents on what is a short beard.  At minimum, if you can see definition between your stubble and cleanly shaved cheek then you have scruff, and if you can pinch your hair then you have a beard.  After that it gets dicey on what constitutes short vs medium growth.  So, I will leave that distinction up to you. 

I get asked all the time if short beards require beard care beyond your basic trim.  Empathically my answer is always yes. Just like any other facial hair style, short beards need proper care to maintain their shape, cleanliness, and overall health. Beyond the facial hair itself, the underlying skin should be moisturized and free from itchiness or dandruff. Proper beard care maintenance for short beards involves using the right tools, products, and techniques. This ensures that the beard looks well-groomed, fresh, and appealing.

Let's dive in to the best 7 tools for a short beard!

1. Beard Oil

 A short beard needs to be moisturized at least daily to maintain a healthy feel and look its best.  High quality beard oils contain carrier oils such as argan and jojoba to nourish your facial hair and hydrate the underlying skin.  I recommend applying beard oil after every shower, as well as before bed to avoid dry facial hair and skin the next morning. It is especially important for short beards to use carrier blends that include fast absorbing oil such as squalane and rosehip oil.  I recommend staying away from carrier blends that primarily use slow absorbing oils such as coconut oil that can leave your skin and beard feeling greasy.

Image of an oil dropper pipette dispensing drops of beard oil onto a white surface


2. Boar's Hair Beard Brush

 Nothing feels better on a short beard than using a boar's hair beard brush to stroke through the facial hair and massage the skin underneath.  It is a great men's grooming tool to help distribute natural oils from your skin to your facial hair.  A boar's hair beard brush will also help distribute your beard oil throughout your beard.

If you are growing out a beard from the starting point of a clean shave, you can brush your beard in the direction that you would like the facial hair to be trained. The boar's hair will also provide some relief from itchiness in the early days of a new beard. With a short beard, my preference is using a softer bristle that is gentle on the skin. You don't need a stiffer brush to get though the beard hair to contact the skin.  If you don't like the idea of using animal hair, there are many synthetic options that work just as well.  This tool is a must if you want to rock an epic short beard.     

3. Beard Butter

 Short beards can feel coarse and wiry at times. Regularly using beard butter can help to soften the facial hair and give the beard a healthy look and feel. Using natural ingredients such as shea, mango, and cocoa butter can deliver tremendous benefits to your skin and facial hair. After applying beard oil and brushing it through, I recommend applying a small amount of beard butter to lock in moisture and leave your beard feeling great.  Don't skip beard butter if you are serious about maximizing the health of your short beard!

Open sleek black jar of beard butter on a white background

4. Beard Comb

 There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials of beard combs to consider. If you are rocking a scruff, you can ignore this section all together. However, if your beard is long enough to pinch, then you are ready for a beard comb. The beard comb is a great way to distribute your beard butter through your facial hair and finish your style. I would recommend sticking with an anti-static material such was natural wood, cellulose acetate, stainless steel, or carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber combs are great because they are light weight, durable, and glide easily though a beard.  I really like the Chicago Comb Co.'s Model 6.  


5. Moustache Scissors

 When your beard is short, moustache scissors are a necessity to keep your upper lip free of hair, and the bottom of your moustache neat.  For a neat moustache, simply comb your moustache hair down towards your upper lip, then use the scissors to cut a line along your upper lip, from the corner of your mouth up towards the middle just under your nose.  Repeat on the other side.  Seriously, a necessity if you want to roll with a short beard!


6. Beard Wash

 Even short beards can trap dirt, food, debris and other things not intended for your face. It is really important to invest in a high-quality beard wash that is also suitable for the sensitive skin on your face. When you have a short beard, you will want to use a wash that is gentle, super mild and PH optimized for your skin.  Try to avoid soap bars that are meant for the body as they can strip the skin and beard of natural sebum.  A premium beard wash will offer a gentle cleanse, while moisturizing the skin and leaving your beard soft. Remember to hit your beard with some oil and butter to finish your wash routine.


7.  Double Edge Safety Razor

 Having a clean cheek and neckline is crucial when you want your short beard to stand out. Especially if you want some definition for a stubble that may only be a week or so old. Using a double edge safety razor is the best way to keep sharp lines and contrast for your beard. I find that using a safety razor gives me a better line of sight when shaving a sharp cheek line, instead of using a traditional cartridge razor. If you are daring, you can experiment with a straight blade, however, proceed with caution. 


 Maintaining a short beard can be as simple as you want it to be.  But what is the fun in that. As bearded gentlemen, whether your beard is long or short, using the right tools and having a disciplined routine will help you achieve your beard goals. Whatever they may be. I am hoping you enjoyed the read.

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