Do we need another beard company?

Do we need another beard company? The answer might surprise you...
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The truth is we don't.  The beard industry is projected to reach an impressive $43.1 billion by the year 2026.  Globally, there over 250 recognizable brands, and how many smaller startups are kicking around trying to get a piece of the beard care pie?  Why on earth would I create another beard brand?  The simple answer is that beards are a passion of mine, and this business venture began as a hobby.  And this hobby of beard product making started after a kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant?  After a lengthy battle with kidney disease, my beautiful wife donated her kidney and gave me a significant restart at life.  I was committed to eating well and taking care of my skin.  In order to take care of my skin, I wanted to control what comes into contact with it.  I mentioned that I have a passion for beards, and it was logical to start making my own products.

The task seemed simple enough.  Create beard products that make the beard incredibly soft, hydrated, and smell great.  While recovering from my kidney transplant,  I had plenty of time to experiment, and experiment I did.  After mixing over 20 carrier oils, 10 butters, 6 waxes, and 30 essential and fragrance oils, I realized I had created a beard care lineup that was special.

I was making great products for myself and started to share with friends and family.  The feedback that I received was overwhelmingly positive and was those closest around me that encouraged the launch of Baronial Beard Co.  It was my best friend that suggested he had never used a beard oil that absorbed that quickly, and butter that made his beard feel so soft.  He compared the scent profiles to that of designer cologne.  Once our unique beard wash application was created with tremendous beard softening power, I knew that I had something that should be shared with the broader beard community.

Your beard is a lifestyle.  Baronial Beard Co. understands this and we want to be a part of your journey.

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