Why You Should Grow a Beard at Work

A well dressed bearded man at work using a white board

 We live in a world today that values individuality which can be both liberating and challenging. On the one hand, we are encouraged more than ever to express ourselves and follow our passions, and on the other hand there are some social norms that can restrain our individuality and sense of self. One of these social norms that I would like to challenge is the notion that corporate workplaces should be clean shaven. I would like to strongly debunk this idea and share why it is time to grow a beard at work. Furthermore, why having a well-groomed beard at work can set you up for success. 

1. Let individuality be a strength

I have heard a lot of people suggest that if everyone in your office or workplace is clean shaven, then you should follow the lead and clean shave as well.  My advice is actually to do the opposite. While others are playing checkers with their personal style and individuality, you can play chess and really set yourself a part. Growing a well groomed beard at the office is daring to be different. This ensures that your individuality remains in full form.  So go ahead and grow a killer beard that you can be proud of.

2. More people will remember you

Growing a beard at work  can be memorable for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they can dramatically alter a person's appearance, making them stand out from the crowd. A full, well-groomed beard can be a striking feature that catches people's attention and leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, beards can be memorable because they often need a significant amount of maintenance and care. Growing and maintaining a beard requires patience, dedication, and attention to detail, which can make a person's commitment to their appearance more noticeable and impressive. Being memorable in the workplace is important to help you get ahead in your career.

3. Project an air of confidence

A well-groomed beard can be a sign of self-care and attention to personal grooming, which can contribute to a person's overall sense of confidence and self-esteem. When a person takes pride in their appearance, they may feel more confident and assured in their interactions with others.

Second, a beard can be a symbol of masculinity, which is often associated with confidence and assertiveness. In many cultures, beards have been seen as a sign of maturity, wisdom, and authority, which can contribute to a person's confidence and sense of self-worth, which can pay dividends for you at work.

4. Out groom everyone else

 Having a beard is not lazy.  It takes more effort, discipline, and styling than a clean shaven face requires. Furthermore, a well-groomed beard can enhance your appearance and add sophistication and masculinity. A killer beard can accentuate your jaw line and facial features as well. So grab yourself some quality beard oil and balm with a styling comb and you can really make a statement about how you take care of yourself and convey a message of self-assuredness and preparation.  So go ahead and level up your style and grooming game and leave your peers with envy.

 In closing, if you can and want to rock a beard then you absolutely should. Unless you work a job that requires a clean shave for health and safety reasons such as a job requiring a respirator fitted to the skin, then go ahead and let it grow. Do what makes you feel more confident, healthy, and self assured.  Others in the office will envy your beard, and that's a great thing!



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